That’s Enough!

Enough silence, immorality, ignorance and concealment, abusers’ protection, survivors’ suffering…

Institute of advocacy for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy in Slovenia

You are not alone.
Speak out about your experience.
Help yourself and other survivors.

About us


was established in 2018 as civil initiative and transformed into institute with the same mission two years later. We are Catholics who want to accelerate the resolution and prevention of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church of Slovenia. Our primary focus are survivors of sexual abuse by clergy. We also want to raise the awareness of the general and ecclesiastical community about zero tolerance for sexual abuse in the Church of Slovenia.

Our vision:

  • Empower sexual abuse survivors to live normal, fulfilling life
  • Create and support a Slovenian community of clergy sexual abuse survivors
  • Achieve a significant shift towards transparency and efficiency in dealing with cases of sexual abuse in the Church of Slovenia

Our activities:

  • Listen and hear the survivors
  • Support survivors and their families/supporters
  • Provide survivors with psychological, therapeutic, legal and spiritual assistance
  • Prevention of sexual abuse
  • Raising awareness among the general and ecclesiastical public about the sexual abuses in the Catholic Church
  • Education of vulneable society groups about sexual abuse
  • Networking with similar organizations at national and international level.


We are a group of active Catholics of various professional profiles, who have either directly or indirectly encountered sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Slovenia. We perceive sexual abuse as one of the worst crimes against a fellow human being. Unfortunately we can observe with great sadness and concern that the Catholic Church in Slovenia is doing far too little to protect victims and exclude all perpetrators of this horrific and criminal act from the ranks of clerics and monks. That’s enough! Enough of ignorance and sweeping under the rug. Enough of incompetent Church leaders who more often protect abusers than victims. Enough ruined lives and destroyed futures. It is therefore our duty and right to take action. We are convinced that this is the only right thing and responsibility to the victims and, last but not least, a way for the Church to regain its credibility thorough cleansing.

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